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What Our Customers Say

For more than 30 years, our clients have enjoyed our expert and personable employment services. With multiple branches throughout the south and southwest of the UK, our clients benefit from a local relationship anchored by industry knowledge of the region.

Here is what some of our customers have had to say about our services over the years.

Customer testimonials

"Thanks very much for this Terri.  I appreciate the excellent service we are receiving from yourself, Kate and Will; very impressed.  Many thanks"


"We have enjoyed an excellent relationship and received an excellent service. There have been so few times over the years where they have not been able to meet our requirements and any request has been met in a prompt and professional manner.

"The staff Wise supplied were of a good standard and many have become permanent employees. If we require staff in the future, we will not hesitate to use Wise Employment." 


"We have worked with Wise Employment for the last couple of years and, although the type of roles we advertise are specialist, the effort shown and the calibre of CVs coming through have been fantastic.

"The recruitment agents at Wise have clearly taken the time to understand our exact requirements to ensure the candidate has the appropriate experience to move forward to an interview."


"Wise Employment sourced a candidate for us and she is such an incredible find! We continue to be delighted with her performance and attitude and she has fitted really well into the team.

"We have loved working with Wise and will do so again in the future!" 


"The team at Wise have been amazing and were able to find us a gem of a candidate. The team's professionalism and flexibility have been outstanding and I hope we can continue to build this strong relationship."


"The amazing team at Wise took the pain out of getting my staff numbers to the required levels needed for us to concentrate on sales and production. Their energy and professionalism have been outstanding and their day-to-day interaction with us is the reason why Wise are our preferred supplier."


"Four years ago, we switched our supplier to Wise Employment because of their cost-efficient and quality service. We have been a partner with them for the last four years. 

"Their high levels of communication make it easy to manage internally. They generally phone us every morning to ensure all the temporary workers have turned up and there aren't any issues that have arisen over the last 24 hours. 

"Wise's team have managed to supply us with various roles from secondary quality control packers to high-level technical support workers. They have been able to achieve this because they know our business so well. They have taken the time to visit us to understand our operation, which is why they have been able to pick the right calibre of candidates. 

"We have never experienced any problems with Wise and they are our number one supplier of temporary staff."


"When I first contacted Wise Employment about a position, I didn't think they would be able to fill it because no one had been able to! However, Wise quickly found a candidate that was the perfect fit. He was very knowledgeable and likeable in the interview stages and, as we suspected, he has fitted in well with our team.

"We thank Wise and their team for the time and effort they put into getting this candidate through the door. We very much appreciate it and we will definitely be using Wise's services again." 


"We have been using Wise Employment for several years, regularly asking them to source high-quality staff in that time.

"They are always proactive and understand our business needs, along with the high-calibre of staff we require. Their follow-up service is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them."